A Letter in Mind (Making Light Work)

Image of envelope

A Letter in Mind returns for the sixth year and the theme is ‘Making Light Work’. Starting with a simple envelope we’re inviting visual responses from our artists, patients and supporters to show us what ‘making light work’ means to you, however, you choose to realise it.

Capturing specific light conditions and light effects have continuously fascinated artists. Leonardo da Vinci studied our perception of space through light, Joseph Wright of Derby created drama through candlelit and moonlit subjects, Monet captured the changes in light across varying times of day, season and weather; Man Ray placed everyday objects onto photo-sensitive paper exposing them to light creating ‘rayographs’, and James Turrell’s sublime installations use both actual and coloured light to emphasise light as space.

The artwork envelopes will all be priced identically at £85 and sold anonymously.

If you don’t make it along to the gallery, then take a look at our online gallery.