LDF 2019: Assembling Reciprocity

Assembling Reciprocity

“Assembling Reciprocity” celebrates the possibilities for timber sections as self‐supporting reciprocal frame structures, relying on the design of the joints between sections.

Advanced digital tools for design and manufacturing were used to make this a non‐planar structure out of reciprocal frames, demonstrating the possibilities afforded by parametric geometry and multi‐axis robotics to design and fabricate the structure’s critical joints.

As an academic member of TRADA and in collaboration with Coin Street Community Builders this project was designed by students Fabrizio Tozzoli and Alfredo Ferrer guided by staff of the M.Arch in Design for Manufacture at the Bartlett School of Architecture UCL.

Find the installation on the Platform, in the central Courytard at Oxo Tower Wharf, part of our London Design Festival programme.