Make a note: World Stationery Day is here

If you are anything like the self-confessed stationery geeks we are, by now you will have heard: today is World Stationery Day as part of Stationery Week. The event, organised by the London Stationery Show, encourages people to write by hand and gets everyone talking about cards, letters, pens, notebooks, sharpeners, pencil-cases -you name it- all the products that give pleasure to so many people.

Whether it’s quirky, unique and personalised products or a reliable free-flowing pen, you can never have too much of the stuff. That is why we have rounded up some of our favourite finds from the design shops where fashion meets function at Oxo Tower Wharf.


Where would we be without sticky notes? This pad by Brand Academy contains a collection of notelets and page markers in trend led colours and patterns to brighten your desk.

SUCK UK’s semi-transparent sticky notes let you add comments and likes to everyday objects: speech bubbles for your thoughts and hearts for everything you love. Think of them as real-life social media “comments” and “likes” for adding to photos, magazines or everyday objects for friends and family.


SUCK UK’s fun fairground carousel eraser and pencil mean you can keep going around in circles, making as many mistakes as you want.

Use CMYK Pen by SUCK UK to draw anywhere in full colour with just one pen. The CMYK process is used in printing to build up full colour images. Experiment, doodle, sketch, changing inks with the sliding selectors. Amaze yourself as rich red, blues and greens appear before your very eyes.


Now… where to store all your new stationery?

You can start by using j-me’s desk pen holder to display them on your desk. A play on the actual BiC pen lid, this is a practical piece of desk art admired by many.

To carry your stationery goods around, put them in something that feels good to whip out of your bag with a flourish, such as Snowden Flood‘s  printed pencil case in organic panama cotton.


Revel in that old school feeling with j-me’s retro cassette tape dispenser.

Embrace the therapeutic process of writing with the ‘Journeys’ journal, a linen bound notebook designed by The School of Life to accommodate ideas, aspirations, worries and thoughts. Find it at the Brand Academy.

We think many would concur that nothing matches receiving a card in the post. Why not bring a smile to someone’s face by surprising them with one this week? Snowden Flood’s Hydrangeas Flower card is the perfect one for spring.


Oxo Tower Wharf’s talented designer-maker community will soon be joined by another exciting design shop specialising in… you guessed it. All shall be revealed soon.

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