February Fashion graduate shows

February saw London College of Fashion and Ravensbourne take over Bargehouse with a new wave of fashion talent.

Transitions 2.0

Ravensbourne Department of Fashion kicked off fashion month at Oxo Tower Wharf with Transitions 2.0. The dazzling student show featured final year students’ work-in-progress, ahead of the presentation of their final collections in June, alongside second years’ innovative denim clothing and accessories collections designed in collaboration with Wrangler. Students were challenged to develop a 10-piece collection marketed at the fashion-forward consumer in honour of the cult brand’s 70th anniversary.

Their work, exploring a modern take on Wrangler’s Western heritage, was exhibited on the third floor at Bargehouse where visitors, potential future employers and clients could wander among the student’s stalls, beautifully set up to make the best of Bargehouse’s quirks and natural lighting.

The team behind Uniform

Ravensbourne’s Ruth Nicholls, Project Manager for the university sector college, tells us:

Bargehouse turned out to be a fantastic venue for our event – it was a real blank canvas that enabled the students to express their creativity and make the event their own”.

The show provided a great opportunity to chat to each student about the creative process behind each piece.

Highlights included:

Wrangler Wasted

Using the strapline ‘wear your waste’, Wrangler Wasted created a garment using 100% recycled denim. Water wastage is a huge issue in the denim industry, so they worked with a Spanish company, which uses high-tech machines to reduce this, as well as using exclusively recycled materials.

Ibridi x Wrangler

This collection draws inspiration from the late ‘70s and ‘80s power-dressing trends and neo-romantic styles. It is aimed at the modern cosmopolitan woman: she chooses to embrace her femininity, she seeks new ideas for individuality and does not confine herself to societal expectations.

Ravensbourne, Ibridi x Wrangler


Uniform’s vision was to introduce a luxury accessories line for the hard-working, modern day woman. Their collection centres around themes of work and construction, yet they have stayed true to Wrangler’s history as jeans designed for rodeo-use, by mirroring the materials used during the cowboy-era.

Ravensbourne, Uniform


London College of Fashion inaugurated London Fashion Week with their #LCFMA18 graduate season, which included an exhibition of work from their media and communication students at Bargehouse. The show provided a unique opportunity to see work by some of the UK’s most creative graduates in photography, costume design, film making, media production, fashion culture, curation and journalism, which will go on to shape every aspect of the fashion industry.

© Unai Mateo Lopez

Bargehouse offered the ideal setting for the postgraduate student’s famously trailblazing work;

“This raw, atmospheric exhibition space at the heart of London’s South Bank provides the perfect backdrop to present the very best up and coming talent from one of the world’s leading fashion colleges.” Not Just a Label.

© Unai Mateo Lopez

© Unai Mateo Lopez

© Unai Mateo Lopez

Highlights from MA Fashion Photography included:

Cover star Ram Shergill‘s final project exploring the ‘Peacock Effect.’ The Peacock Effect is signified by an individual morphing from a placid state of appearance into a full state of exoticised self, displaying a metaphoric ‘fan-like crest of feathers’ – feathers that are a form of adornment and can become a protective and attractive exoskeleton to our body. Read Ram’s interview about ‘The Queen’ on London College of Fashion News.

LCF Ram Shergill, ‘The Queen’

Magda Kuca‘s work looking at decoding polish folk traditions, exploring my roots and is informed by pagan traditions of the past that draw upon connection between human and nature. Using a 19th century large format photographic technique of wet plate collodion which is very technical and craft-based and a result of it is a glass plate. Read Magda’s interview about her work on London College of Fashion News.

LCF Magda Kuca

Celia Tang’s work results from her exploration of the feeling of being ‘lost’ among young adults’ ‘The Bubble’ is metaphorical: dream on the inside and reality is your outside, separating them is the membrane of bubble. The reality presses on the membrane eventually makes it burst, aware of what reality can do against our futile protection of our dream. It is insecurities that create doubt and in the end, lost.’ Read Celia’s interview about ‘The Bubble’ on London College of Fashion News.

LCF Celia Tang, ‘The Bubble’

Pascal Huebner‘s final body of images is a backlash against the old definition of masculinity. It is all about the longing for the new period of harmony, of emotional autonomy, leaving the old male era behind. Read more about his project on London College of Fashion News: Graduate Spotlight.

LCF Pascal Huebner

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