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The Xavi Art Exhibition : Black History Month

Local artist, Xavi Art launches his inaugural exhibition during Black History Month.

Xavier Laurent Leopold, known artistically as Xavi Art, is a self-taught contemporary artist, exploring abstract portraiture, cubism and illustrative styles.

A multi-asset finance trader by profession, the lockdown period during this coronavirus pandemic, birthed his artistic passion.

Xavi’s pieces draw inspiration from his lived experiences, relationships, ideology and world view. During a time where the world has been forced to slow down, yet social and political unrest rage, Xavi’s art has been a form of expression and escapism for him and his audiences.

Visitors are encouraged to make donations to Black Minds Matter, a charity that connects Black individuals and families with free mental health services — by professional Black therapists, specifically for black trauma.

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Visit the artists website: byxaviart.com

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