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‘Spirit of the Amazon’ takes you on a voyage into the world of Brazil’s threatened indigenous peoples. Photojournalist Sue Cunningham and writer Patrick Cunningham spent six months travelling in a small boat to visit 48 remote tribal communities who live along the Xingu River, which runs through the Brazilian Amazon.

The exhibition is an opportunity to view and purchase exclusive large prints, some which are previously unpublished. The images from Sue and Patrick’s new book ‘Spirit of the Amazon’ published by Papadakis are mainly from their gruelling Heart of Brazil expedition. The exhibition is in part a retrospective which spans more than thirty years, but with an emphasis on the vitality of today’s indigenous cultures of the Xingu region.

Profits from the authors’ royalties and sale of prints will support the work of Tribes Alive, which works with the communities they visited.

Official book launch Thursday 14th November, 6:30 to 8:30





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