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Reframe Dementia

“Once we have recognised the demon, without secrecy or shame, we can find its weaknesses. It is a physical disease, not a mystic curse; therefore it will fall to a physical cure. There’s time to kill the demon before it grows.”

Sir Terry Pratchett

Reframe Dementia takes one of our most feared health conditions and looks at it from a different viewpoint. Hosted by Alzheimer’s Research UK, this multimedia exhibition explores the personal stories behind the condition and the research that is moving us towards life-changing dementia treatments.

As the UK’s leading dementia research charity, Alzheimer’s Research UK sets out to break through the stigma and misunderstanding with a message of hope – dementia is caused by diseases and research can beat diseases.

Through portraits, music, virtual reality, tapestries, podcasts and stunning scientific images, the exhibition gives insights into how dementia touches people’s lives, showcasing the incredible work going on in labs up and down the country to defeat the condition. The exhibition is a starting point for conversations, opening up a dialogue around dementia and shifting societal attitudes to the condition.

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