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Mind Games

London based female artists, Ellie Tate, Kate Dolan and Munleen Sibia have come together to present their group show ‘Mind Games’. The work gives the viewer a glimpse into the minds of the three artists working in London, and their translation of experience into their practice. The show is a mix of abstract expressionist works, surrealism and photography bringing you into the artist’s worlds and giving you an insight into their process.

Abstract artist & photographer, Munleen Sibia, captures life on her camera, spending much of her time people watching on the streets of London. She travels extensively, exploring different cultures, people and places. From the pictures she takes she translate into dynamic, abstract works that allow the viewer to transcend into her world capturing moments of her travels, full of energy, colour and movement.

Artist Ellie Tate makes hundreds of quick line works, sketches of interactions of her everyday life. The more memorable and powerful the personal experience she turns into large dreamlike paintings where the viewer can’t help but float into her world. From interactions on social media, to her life holding down different jobs to make her career as an artist work, Ellie’s work won’t fail to make you stop, think and question.

Abstract colourist Kate Dolan’s work reveals captured moments, slices of time representing instants where clarity of an experience was seized, or a processing of an emotion was achieved. Her “Dream Series”, presented in this exhibition is her reflection of living, dying and death. Her work mirrors her experiences in the days and months following loss, exploring the power of light and the importance of reflection.

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