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Megalopolis by Caiger Contemporary Art

The world seems a bit of a divided place at the moment, so Caiger Contemporary Art wanted to celebrate its awesomeness and how it unifies us all.

Whether it is directly obvious or a little more subtle, this collection of artworks will show you how different cultures, landscapes and cities are so important to the artists they represent, how they see their world and shape their practice.

This is why they see it; rather than being each of them in separate countries or places, they are all together in one great Megalopolis.

Showcasing the works of:

Blandine Bardeau, Corinne Natel, Dave Hughes, David Wightman, Fleur Alston, Fraser Renton, Gerry Buxton, Jayson Lilley, Laura Benetton,  Lee Herring, Rod McIntosh and Sarah Fosse.

For more info about them and their artists go to: www.caigerart.com

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