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Sadly, the private view event for the Materiality exhibition, showcasing the work by the Transition Collective, curated by MaterialDriven and sponsered by Goodfellow.

Regretfully, the exhibition has also been cancelled. Please see links below for details of all artists and their work, and to learn more about the curators and sponsors:




Materiality is an exhibition of concept-led work, which focuses on materiality in disciplines including textiles, jewellery, metalwork, ceramics and mixed media.

Artists from the collective Transition explore the physical nature and properties of traditional, technical and innovative materials, foregrounding them as part of the art concept.  Thus the smoothness of parian clay, the lustre of glass, the play of light in a gemstone or the fragrance of natural plant fibres, for example, are investigated as an essential part of the conceptual whole.

Concepts driving the work include mental and physical health, the environment, fault lines, transitional space, growth and regeneration.



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