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I haven’t been feeling myself lately

Solo exhibition by artist Luke Norton, which aims to enrich the discussion around the role of art with regards to mental health and self expression.

After a successful Private View evening, ‘I haven’t been feeling myself lately’ has been featured in Marie Claire, check it out and catch Luke’s exhibition before it closes this Sunday.

I make things with words on them.

A poet taking the poem off the page.

Found object word art.

Pop culture collage made with teen-girl like obsession.

A whirlwind of words, ideas and phrases.

I use art as therapy.

Because it is transcendent (it can change the everyday).

You make your own reality.

Behind a wall inside your head,

And unless you open up, no one can share or understand it.

My name is Luke Norton and I haven’t been feeling myself lately.

This is me pulling myself to pieces, hoping to pull myself together.

Art is hope.

Luke Norton


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