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Facebook’s ‘Gallery of Groups’

From sausage dogs to older than usual skateboarders, Facebook celebrates communities across the UK with its first ever exhibition.

Taking place at Coin Street’s gallery@oxo, on London’s Southbank, Facebook’s ‘Gallery of Groups’ will showcase a collection of real-world communities that have been brought together online, giving people who live all over the UK the opportunity to share their passions and interests with others.

The free exhibition will take visitors on a journey through six unique groups that range from Quidditch and older than usual Skateboarders to Rock Art purveyors. Facebook has worked closely with each of the groups to bring their vibrant communities to life and showcase how Facebook groups make it easier for people to find passions and interests that they otherwise would not have been able to enjoy due to location or circumstances.

With 29 million Facebook Groups in the UK, ranging from sausage dog fans to panini stickers, the exhibition is shining a light on how people are connecting and building relationships with people over their shared interests. The exhibition is also a celebration of the people who lead these groups – the Group Administrator or ‘Admin’ – who help grow and manage these mainstream and niche British passions. Visitors can also take some time to explore groups on Facebook that might be of interest or relevant to them.

Head down to Facebook’s ‘Gallery of Groups’ exhibition from 8 February to get inspired by all different types of passions and hobbies and meet some of Britain’s most diverse community groups.

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