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Clinic //2

Clinic //2 explores the diminishing digital interface layer and technology’s effect on our reality. Digital emulation continually strives to become indecipherable from real-world existence. Where does your reality stop and simulation begin?

We live in an interface culture; endless interaction through screens, cameras and sensors. Pursuing the most natural experience, technology is paradoxically engineering itself into transparency. Through a collaborative multi-sensory experience, Clinic unveils unique artworks, designs, and immersive installations demonstrating the bridging of these two worlds.

Digital design agency, Vitamin London, have several artists lined up including; Laura Yuile, Neus Torres Tamaril, Lesley-Ann Daly, Pauline Batista and Keiken Collective!

They also have two special ticketed late night events on the Wednesday and Friday featuring DJs including Teje, Beatgatherers, Resis’dance, Siren, CLU.

‘Clinic //2’ forms part of the London Design Festival 2017 programme at Oxo Tower Wharf.

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