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Art Night is London’s largest free contemporary arts festival, transforming the city annually for one unforgettable night. Each year, Art Night invites a leading cultural institution to explore the history, culture and architecture of a different part of London, inspiring a series of new commissions, one-off events and premieres by internationally renowned artists.

Art Night 2018 is curated by Ralph Rugoff and the Hayward Gallery and for its third edition moves south of the river, from Southbank Centre to Battersea Power Station through Vauxhall and Nine Elms on the 7th July.

At Bargehouse, expect a full building take-over by artists Jeff Cain, Kate McCambridge and Louis Alderson-Bythell, Sebastian KiteSophie Seita, Puck Verkade and Alterazioni Video with site-specific installations, video and performances throughout the evening from 6pm till midnight. 

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Sebastian Kite
We will meet in the place where there is no darknessInstallation and Performance

Artist Sebastian Kite presents We will meet in the place where there is no darkness, a site-specific installation exploring the relationship between materiality and time. Constructed as a pavilion within the Bargehouse, Kite’s work references back to an Orwellian interrogation room, using light as a material to create an ever-evolving space. Formed from a series of half-toned panels that suggest static or white noise, the space is further cut through the horizontal with a two-way mirror that references the voyeurism, narcissism and sublimity at the heart of the interrogation process. Spatialised sound further reinforces the dynamic, while also dividing the space into four distinct areas. Introduced into this space, a dancer acts as a protagonist, redefining the relationship between the architecture, the audio-visual score and composition.

Performed by Susie Browning.

Supported by South Kiosk and Kitmapper and Toogood

Alterazioni Video
Ambaradan (2014)Video Projection

Ambaradan is a film shot, written and directed with the indigenous tribes in Ethiopia by artist collective Alterazioni Video. The artists imagine a near future, where independent groups of natives resist the advancement of modernization by reorganizing themselves into nomadic tribes, sufficiently technological and independent.

A tribal culture imagined with the eyes of a fifteen-year-old ‘tumblr-dependent’, where symbols, costumes, hairstyles and network languages overlap with the traditional, ancestral and shamanic characteristics of the tribes of the Omo valley.

Presented by curator Ilaria Puri Purini and Michela de Mattei, Limone Space

With special thanks to Pietro Santorsola

http://www.alterazionivideo.com/ | Instagram @alterazionivideo

Louis Alderson-Bythell and Kate McCambridge
Performance / Installation / Talk

Louis Alderson-Bythell and Kate McCambridge present an installation and live performance. The work reconsiders the perceived boundaries delineating body and surface, ‘our’ matter and ‘other’ matter. The skin of the body merges with the skin of the built environment, each becoming an extension of the other. Through movement across the skins, space and place are both inhabited and continually re-constructed.

By entering these couplings, formerly distinct elements enter a symbiosis of properties. The assemblage of the animate and the inanimate breaks down the hierarchical organisation of parts, proposing temporary alliances between the organic and the inorganic.

Cinematography – Mads  Roikjær
Assistant Camera – Oliver Jeppe Hagde
Sound Design – Nis  Nørgaard
Collaborator – Hannah J Evans

www.materialthinkspace.com  |Instagram @__l.a.b__/ | Instagram @kate_mccambridge/

Puck Verkade
BaitVideo Installation

 The video installation Bait draws parallels between environmental and sexual violence, exploring matters of consent, complicity and the ethics of care. Verkade takes cues from a wide range of speculative theories that consider water as the pivotal element for the origins of agency and resistance. She uses humour and absurdity to draw the viewer into a vortex of multiple considerations and cross references between fiction and fact, by mixing past, present and future perspectives.

Presented by artist Puck Verkade, Durst Britt & Mayhew

www.puckverkade.com | Instagram @puckverkade
www.durstbrittmayhew.com | Instagram @durstbrittmayhew

Sophie Seita
Emilia Galotti’s Colouring Book of FeelingsPerformance and Installation

Emilia Galotti’s Colouring Book of Feelings is a queer-feminist multimedia performance piece, a conceptual closet drama that stages imagined tête-a-têtes with Enlightenment thinkers, writers, and pseudo-scientists using poetic text, dialogue, choreography, installation, recordings, and projections. Challenging the Enlightenment’s opposition of sentiment and rationality, the piece harnesses the experimental spirit of things that don’t quite work and are thus exactly right and fizzinglyoblique, toying with our assumptions about seriousness, hospitality, domesticity, difficulty, form, and fun.

Written and conceived by Sophie Seita.
Performed by Emma Attwood, Celine Lowenthal, Nisha Ramayya, Erin Robinsong, Sophie Seita and Jocelyn Spaar.
Costumes in muslin and reed by Kat Addis. Magister and Narrator costumes by Ciara Phillips (2018), screen-print on canvas
Projections by Simone Kearney, music by r. Karim, video by Lanny Jordan Jackson—all made in response to Seita’s text.

Producer: Olivia Carr-Archer

Jeff Cain
Skyglow (2008/2018)Video Installation

Skyglow takes its viewers on a helicopter journey across the City of Angels from Santa Monica’s iconic pier to downtown Los Angeles and back again. The sound and sight of police helicopters whirling above LA at night is a common occurrence: a gesture of surveillance and a warning that crime is close by. But the urban city here is serene seen from a far distance, the landscape aglow with lights. The ceiling installation is inspired by an inverse observatory experience – look up to the sky to see the city below. For this iteration Skyglow is updated as a triptych with three high resolution projections.

Presented by curator Melissa Pellico
Supported in part by USC Roski School of Art and Design

Gallery 46
Video and Installation

Duggie Fields, Sean Dower, David James

Through multidisciplinary architecture, artists explore the notion of identity within the urban environment, understanding of the resident and of the outsider, what it means to belong and what belonging actually means. Duggie Fields’ digital films reflect themes of iconography present in his paintings of the last five decades. Sean Dower’s video performance, a real-time sequence where the artist tries to maintain his balance, David James ethereal images explore relationships between personal experience and the history of art.

Presented by Gallery 46
Supported by LONDONEWCASTLE Investing in Arts and Culture

http://gallery46.co.uk/ | Instagram @gallery46whitechapel

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