Made in Brunel – What keeps them coming back to Oxo Tower Wharf?

Made in Brunel were back in gallery@oxo last weekend with their 7th show at Oxo Tower Wharf. We caught up with Clive Gee, Director of Development at Brunel to find out about the Craft Café, the plans for their summer show and what it is that keeps them coming back.

What was the inspiration behind the Craft Café?

The Craft Café, like the Doodle Café before it, was put together to engage the public with Design Thinking techniques and projects you will be able to see at Made in Brunel in the summer. This year, the team wanted to tackle questions of how to design a better London.

What can we expect from your summer 2016 show?

Made in Brunel 2016 is subtitled “Breaking Ground” so hopefully you will be able to see not just the end product of each student’s project, but a lot of the processes behind them too. We are also showing more work from research students than ever before, so you’ll be able to see the full range of levels taught at Brunel alongside our usual events to engage industry and schools.

What is it that keeps you coming back to Oxo Tower Wharf?

There are lots of things that make Oxo Tower Wharf a good fit for us, but the biggest draw is probably that the combination of the size of the venue(s) and the location in the heart of one of London’s creative neighbourhoods is unmatched elsewhere. We do like the flexibility of being able to curate a whole building as well as this allows us to accommodate lots of different displays and events under one roof.

Starting last year you expanded your summer show to gallery@oxo as well as Bargehouse – what do you feel are the benefits of taking over multiple venues at Oxo Tower Wharf?

gallery@oxo was a brilliant addition last year and provided us with a more natural place for meetings, discussion and to present the highlights of the event than before. It was brilliant to see recruiters chatting with selected students there as well as alumni catching up and creative conversations happening. It gave us a ‘shop-window’ onto the riverside and definitely added to the experience of Made in Brunel for the visitors. We loved it, hence why we were determined to use both again this year.

Keep your eyes peeled for Made in Brunel’s ‘Breaking Ground’ this June during New Creatives at Oxo Tower Wharf.

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