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PORTRAIT POSITIVE : The 1/111 Series : Photographs of beauty + strength

The Portrait Positive Project is a concept by Stephen Bell and Steven Tai in collaboration with world-renowned photographer, Rankin, and sixteen women. The project aims to change the perception of how beauty is seen in fashion and beyond.

This project presents a series of stunning and striking portraits, which showcase people with facial visible differences. Follow the journey and story of sixteen individuals, photographed by Rankin, dressed in designs by Steven Tai and brought together by Stephen Bell.

All proceeds of the book sales will go to the charity Changing Faces. Changing Faces is a UK charity supporting and representing children, young people and adults who have a visible difference to the face, hands or body, whether present from birth or caused by accident, injury or by illness or medical operation. Approximately 1 in 111 people in the UK have a significant visible facial difference.

The subject of Portrait Positive is of course an important one and it’s great to hear you have Rankin’s support for such a great initiative“. –
Christopher Bailey, MBE // Burberry

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