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Of Things Not Seen: A Year in the Life of a London Priest

Jim Grover - Of things not seen

Over the past year award-winning photographer Jim Grover, with his Leica Rangefinder camera, has been shadowing the work of 43-year-old Kit Gunasekera. Kit is Grover’s local vicar and Of Things Not Seen seeks to bring to life what it is to be a Church of England minister in a South London community today. This is the first time that the daily life of a priest has been recorded in this way, making it a remarkably unique project.

Grover has spent time with Kit in his vicarage, his church, his parishioners’ homes, in care homes, on the streets of Clapham, and with his fellow priests in the community. From over 15,000 images, curator Katy Barron has selected 40 which distil both Kit’s professional role as priest and lynchpin of the church community, and his personal faith. The daily routines of running a church with financial pressures and a mission to increase the congregation are reflected in the project, alongside the joys and rewards of having a vocation with a strong calling and a higher purpose.

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