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LFA: Miao Hui — Temple Festivals and Folk Cultures in Taiwan

Miao Hui – Temple Festivals and Folk Cultures in Taiwan is an exhibition that thematizes pilgrimages to the goddess Mazu as part of the London Festival of Architecture.

Among folk religion festivals in Taiwan, the worshipping of the goddess Mazu is the most widely practiced. In fact, Mazu’s annual pilgrimage procession has been designated not just as an important folk culture event within Taiwan, but has also been recognised by the Discovery Channel as one of the top three religious events in the world. During the procession, the mystic and seemingly complicated religious rituals performed express people’s reverence for the cosmos, their belief in something greater, and hopes for this life.

Taking visitors across a sacred journey to a divine territory, the exhibition provides an immersive experience. Featuring photographs, drawings, artefacts and multimedia presentations, the exhibition shows the beauty of temples and the liveliness of folk traditions in Taiwan.

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