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Breaking cultural stigmas on female sexuality from the perspective of Indian-Canadian artists: Babbu The Painter and Hatecopy.

“Regardless of education, accomplishments, or social status, in our culture, women are often told to aspire to marriage above anything else. We are told to “settle down” with a rich, fair skinned doctor chosen by our mothers and our aunties. LOVE SHOVE is a journey through the various aspects of a Desi Wedding and a comic reflection of what happens when a girl decides to “settle down”. The name references a popular figure of speech, which casually dismisses the idea of love, because in a wedding where everything from your outfit to your husband is predetermined by everyone who is not you, what’s love got to do with it?”

The five day exhibition of art by Indian-Canadian artists Babbu The Painter and Hatecopy is hosted by Binti, a charity whose aim is to raise awareness around the importance of menstrual hygiene in Africa and India.


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