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Framing Perceptions

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Stories of empowered lives and the impact of exclusion

Sightsavers photography exhibit, featuring portraits by the Guardian photographer Graeme Robertson, is part of a wider campaign Put Us in the Picture. The campaign aims to ensure the voices of people with disabilities are no longer ignored in the global fight against poverty.

Around one billion people, 15 per cent of the world’s population, have a disability. In many countries they are the most excluded and hardest to reach of all groups in their community.

For some this means social exclusion, for many it means limited access to healthcare, education and employment opportunities, in turn, making the journey out of poverty more difficult, if not impossible.

Graeme Robertson travelled with international development organisation Sightsavers, to visit social inclusion projects in Uganda, East Africa and Rajasthan, North India.

The exhibition aims to bring to life the stories of people with disabilities living in developing countries, some are stories of exclusion and some are of empowerment.

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