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An exhibition by Ram Shergill, curated by Daen Palma Huse.

Dress and clothing is an inherent part of our bodies, it becomes similar to an exoskeleton. Through this exhibition, bio-mimetic design elements as well as the multi-layering of fluid identities are explored through the photographic practice of award-winning artist Ram Shergill, curated and creative directed by Daen Palma Huse. “The exhibition prompts us to think about the place that we, as humans, (want to) assume within nature and amongst other life forms, regardless of whether they might be human or animal or else”, the curator says. Shergill describes his early work with Isabella Blow and Alexander McQueen as his inspiration and adds, “this exhibition is a celebration of becoming ‘other’ through the performance and continuous transformation of the ‘self’.”

Ram Shergill has previously shown at galleries worldwide including Sotheby’s London, Leica Gallery Los Angeles, the Victoria & Albert Museum, Whitechapel Gallery and Somerset House. Known for his portraits of personalities such as Amy Winehouse, Eddie Redmayne and Dame Judi Dench, Shergill has recently had his work acquired by the National Portrait Gallery in London.

Daen Palma Huse works on the interdisciplinary intersection of visual arts, politics and branding and has worked in international cultural relations in The Netherlands, Germany, Mexico and the UK. He is the editor of the biannual publication The Protagonist Magazine and lectures on creative direction, publishing and curatorial practice.


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