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Celeste Prize 2017

53 international artists curated by Fatos Ustek of London’s Art Night, exhibit and vote this year’s Celeste Prize winners.

Finalists exhibition, Celeste Prize 2017

Friday 6th October
Awards ceremony at 7pm.
The total awards sum of 23,000 € will be given to 6 artists chosen by the finalists themselves, there will be one artist winner in each of the six prize categories: Project, Painting & Drawing, Photography & Digital Graphics, Video & Animation, Installation, Sculpture & Performance and Super-Young.

The Jury
The ninth edition of Celeste Prize 2017 for emerging and mid-career artists, is led by acclaimed writer and curator of London’s Art Night Fatos Ustek, working with a super-jury of art curators and critics: George Clark, independet curator; Ovul Durmusoglu, independent curator; Rozsa Zita Farkas, Arcadia Missa; Attilia Fattori Franchini, independent curator; Anna Gritz, Kunst Werke Berlin; Nav Haq, Muhka; Harriet Loffler, Norwich Castle Museum; Louise O’Kelly, BlockUniverse; Ilaria Puri Purini, Contemporary Art Society; Filipa Ramos, Art Agenda, Vdrome; Emiliano Valdes, Museum of Modern Art Medellin; Ben Vickers, Serpentine Gallery.

The Finalists
Project Prize: Linda De’ Nobili, Kalina, Laura Kuch.

Painting & Drawing Prize: Yaprak Akinci, Almundena Blanco, Gareth Cadwallader, Jonathan Di Furia, Teresa Luzii, Kevin Song, Holger Theunert, Sophie Anne Wyth, Xi Zhang, @theathev.

Photography & Digital Graphics Prize: Pauline Batista, Ellie Davies, Ruben Hamelink, Martina Herz, Matthew Humphreys, Nikolai Ishchuk, Teddy Lo, Micaela Mau, Kyu Sang Lee, Hana Zhang.

Installation, Sculpture & Performance Prize: Dalia Baassiri, Loyane Bianchini, Jacobs Candice, Robert-Rimsky Dimitri, Maria Luigia Gioffrè, Kevin Killen, Izabela Maciejewska, Kate McMillan, Taezoo Park, Maria Rondeau.

Video & Animation Prize: Alex B, Edmund Cook, Love Enqvist, Eduardo Gómez Escamilla, Christina Gednalske, Dilara Koz, Saskia Olde Wolbers, Miguel Ángel Rego Robles, Eleonora Roaro, Dutem Schwöllen.

Super-Young Prize: Aeson, Karou Calamy, Jevon Chandra, Daisy Dickinson, Ant Hamlyn, Benjamin Heim, Hanna Hetherington, Laura Polesel, Eda Sutunc, Meng Zhou.

The Prize
Celeste Prize promotes and supports artwork by visual artists, ensures that it’s seen daily in over 100 countries and each year by an audience of over 2 million people. Over the years, finalists’ exhibitions have been held in Berlin, London, Miami, Milan, New York, Rome and Venice.

Full Details
Celeste Prize 2017: www.celesteprize.com/celesteprize2017
Celeste Network, the online community which hosts the prize: www.celesteprize.com
About the community: www.celesteprize.com/aboutus

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