Bargehouse Showcase at Oxo Tower Wharf

At the end of last month, for one night only, Bargehouse opened its doors to event aficionados and experiential experts for the chance to explore five floors of raw warehouse space. We called on our preferred caterers to feed the frenzies and all of the stops were pulled out to transform the spacious venue. From a seaside themed salmon station to a Mardi Gras punch bar, guests were treated to delicious bites and cocktails as they discovered the building.

Featuring a pop-up cinema room, fashion show, art exhibition and disco, each room was dressed to showcase a sample of the many events that have been held in the venue. The evening was a great opportunity to give guests a feel for Bargehouse as an unique and adaptable platform for large scale events.

The evening also saw the launch of our brand new Oxo Tower Wharf events brochure which can be found here.

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